Water Program 2016 & Outlook for 2017

Dear Readers,

2016 was a difficult year for our Water Program. You will find details in attached News Report.

After Cordaid Netherlands withdrew in 2015 from supporting the safe drinking water projects of Tusaidiane, we lost this year our second important sponsor.

The good news is that we succeeded to continue supporting the existing Beneficiaries. We serviced and maintained their purifiers three times and we helped quite a number with mind-set change programs. Communities need to change their attitude in order to make better use of the safe drinking water for all.


For continuing these service for the existing Beneficiaries in 2017 we need sponsors to the tune of € 16.500. Please, help us to find 100 people for an annual amount of € 165,– per sponsor. The Ugandan children, students, patients and communities will be very grateful.  

Please find the attached summary document for 2016 & 2017.