St Josephs Mary’s Mbiriizi SSS Gets Safe drinking Water.

The Installation Day

Tusaidiane Uganda was glad to conclude a water project installation with St Josephs Mary’s Secondary school on the 7th of April 2017. The water project was fully funded by the well wishers of the school.

The school has almost 600 pupils who are going to benefit from the safe drinking water. The going back home students will take home water in 5 liter jerrycans provided by Tusaidaine. During class time cups will be put near the water taps so that all students can drink water through out the day.

Water purifier installation

During installation we were joined by a student from kyambogo University,  Muhindo Walter  who is finalizing his final year and writing a proposal about” Improvement Of Ultraviolet Portable Water Purification Systems Designed for Schools” This LineGuard micro-filtration installation helped him to improve on his proposal and also have a good idea of what is really done on the ground.

Sensitization of the students

We concluded  installation with signing a service agreement of preventive maintenance 3 times a year, training of the operator plus the supervisor and sensitization of the student how to use the water

Training of the operator and supervisor how to maintain the water purifier