First results of improved drinking water use

The sensitization drive (mind-set change) in local communities to better using the opportunities for safe drinking water seems to work. It is too early for final conclusions.
However, first results are hopeful.
In servicing the units in June/July we noticed for many units a substantial increase in water usage.


The average use per beneficiary (40) in the period October 2015 – February 2016 was a bit more than 24.000 liters in 4 months.
In the period March-June 2016 those 40 communities used on average almost 32.000 liters, an average increase of 32% or 7.800 liters.

Of course, only a limited number of units started the mind-set drive.
Of the 40 communities 22 communities used on average 20.000 more water than in the previous period, a huge increase.

Whereas in the previous period only 4 communities used more than 50.000 liters of drinking water in the period March-July this number increased to 11!

Together we will continue to change and to use our safe drinking water opportunities ever better!!