Beneficiary Partners

St Francis Little Birds Nursery & Primary School

SFLBNP is a Nursery and Primary School started as an initiative in Mannya, Rakai to care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in their foster families.
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Kamuli Childcare Association (KACHICA)

Kamuli Childcare is a community Primary and Nursery school, owned by the community-based organization KACHICA in Kamuli village near the Tanzanian border in the South of Uganda in Rakai District near the border post Mutukula. From the end of 2022 onwards KACHICA did not need the support of Tusaidiane Uganda.
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CHIDEFEA is Community-based Women Group in Ggaba on Lake Victoria empowering members through training and microcredit.
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Support Disabled Children Ggaba (SDCG)

SDCG is a community-based organization in Ggaba on Lake Victoria with 50 children with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, dwarfism, epilepsy, mental disturbances, and hydrocephalus.
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SEECHILD is an organisation in Uganda dealing with children with disabilities of various forms categorized as mental and physical by creating a happy and sustainable life for these children and their families.

                SEECHILD General
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                Bunamwaya Integrated Skills Training Centre (BISTC)
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                Mpigi Integrated Skills Training Centre (MISTC)
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Mama & Me Association Jinja

Mama and Me Association is an organization working with the objective of empowering young mothers and their children (of 0-5 years) in Jinja, Uganda.
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Bulikimu KisoBOKa

BULIKIMU KisoBOKa is an organization working with the objective of empowering vulnerable groups in three communities in Kimasa, Jinja-Uganda, by offering vocational and agriculture training, scholarships, microcredit and health and emergency relief services.
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Women Groups

Several Women Groups aim at empowering members by starting income improvement for their members by teaching savings, business practices and the use of microcredit.

                Women & Widows Club Mannya
                Kyabibwa Women Group
                Soroti Akili Women Group
                Agali Awamu Women Group

Scholarship Fund for Individuals

Several individual donors are sponsoring the studies of individual students and pupils

Clients for Scholastic and IT Materials

Tusaidiane runs a “Book Fund” which has existed for a considerable number of years benefitting several rural schools in Uganda. Tusaidiane is donating every year books, teaching and IT materials to rural schools that apply for this kind of needs. Scholastic materials and music instruments are especially relevant to improving learning outcomes in low-income countries with large class sizes, a high proportion of unqualified teachers and a shortage of instructional time. Next to an engaged and prepared teacher, well-designed textbooks and learning materials in sufficient quantities are the most effective way to improve instruction and learning for pupils in rural schools in Uganda. Music instruments are important for extra co-curricular activities especially for children with special needs.
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Clients for safe Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is a permanent challenge in Uganda. Availability and safety are not self-evident. Availability means boreholes and/or rainwater harvesting. Drinking water is only safe when it is purified.

Schools, hospitals, orphanages, health centres and village communities in Uganda are supported since 2005 with boreholes, tanks and accessories for rainwater harvesting and the installation of a water purifier.
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Other Clients for which TUL has advised and or implemented projects
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