Bulikimu kiSoBoka NGO with the support of Stichting KiSoBoka, Netherlands was able to train several unemployed youth and women in various entrepreneurial skills.

Some of the skills include: liquid soap making, candle making, petroleum jelly making and sanitizer making in the villages of Kitovu, Makenke and Sakabusolo (KIMASA) in Mafubira Sub County, Jinja, Uganda. Over 59 youth and woman benefited from these programs and can now boost of an income especially from the liquid soap and sanitizer making. These are at the moment highly demanded due to the need for people to wash hands regularly and sanitize to stay safe from the corona virus. The market for the candles and petroleum jelly is also readily available in the community.

The trainings were planned and overseen by Tusaidiane Uganda Limited on behalf of the donors. The administrators of Bulikimu KisoBoka NGO have a dream of forming marketing groups from which members can get a commission for every sale made and also learn other marketing skills.

Bulikimu KiSoBoka NGO Uganda together with the beneficiaries are grateful to their partners of KisoBoka Netherlands for the support given and to Tusaidiane Uganda for overseeing the project helping to better the lives of the people in the community of KIMASA, Mafubira Jinja.