In the remote areas of Uganda, limited access to electricity is a critical factor which limits access to social benefits such as health care, education, and business

Many local organizations in Uganda, schools, health facilities, communities, need solar energy, either because the electricity grid did not reach their location or because of the high costs of the electricity grid network. Moreover, power from the grid is often unstable or there is no electricity at all. Solar energy has the added benefit of easily reaching isolated rural areas.

The sun is usually shining abundantly on many days and could solve the electricity and lightning challenges for many in the villages. Investments are prohibitive for the purse of the locals or the local organizations.

Tusaidiane Uganda can promote clean and renewable energy. Our motivation:

  • Solar electrical lighting helps to save lives
  • Solar lighting extends the workday and allows the hospital, health units and schools longer time periods of work
  • Solar improves service to the community
  • Lighting improves the security and reduces crime which occurs after nightfall
  • Tusaidiane has technical experience for small case implementations and has access to renowned solar suppliers for the larger projects.
  1. Many simple solar panel installations for water projects in remote areas without the necessary electricity to run the battery for the water purifier. Extension of 1 or 2 bulbs for lightening  is possible. For more (e.g., in a school for night preps) extra panels must be invested and can be installed by the Tusaidiane Technician in charge of water purification projects.
  2. Medium-sized projects by hiring medium-sized suppliers/contractors who are implementing the well-defined projects with budget under the supervision of a solar Technician hired already for many years by Tusaidiane Uganda.
  3. Three large scale projects by outsourcing the implementation of the well-defined project with project plan and budget to renowned solar suppliers. In those projects Tusaidiane is playing the role of consultant and researcher in the preparation and planning phase, and -on request of the funder- the quality and accountability advisory function towards the donor during the implementation.