In supporting schools and communities in organizing for and setting up education projects, a support organization like Tusaidiane in Uganda for sure will be confronted with health and sanitation needs of Beneficiary communities.

They can vary from the need for having:

  • A First-aid kit in the school.
  • Safe drinking water with an important effect on health (see “Water”).
  • Latrines and bathing facilities, usually as part of construction projects for schools and/or health facilities.
  • Food support during the Covid pandemic.
  • Funding for buying materials for Standard Operating Procedures as required by government.
  • Medical support for children with special need (children with mental and physical disorders (see “Children with Special Needs”).
  • Even a Health Centre II or III constructed for a community and equipping the centre with medical equipment, furniture, medicine stock, solar provisions (e.g., a fridge), etc.
  1. Help to define and organize the need assessment and to draft a proper project plan with budget. If required:
    1. Assist to set-up and found a formal local CBO-organization
    2. Train in required MS-applications
    3. Train in financial literacy and keeping records
    4. Train in required managerial capacities
  2. Implement where the Beneficiary is not (yet) able to do so because of lack of technical capacities.
  3. Hand-over to the Beneficiary leadership the tasks of project planning, budgeting, and the submission of qualified Requests for Funding to potential donors after the leadership achieved sufficient maturity.
  4. Hand-over the responsibility tasks for implementation to the Beneficiary after the Beneficiary is asking for it and has proved to have technical capacity for it (risk reduction for the donor’s investment).
  1. Four First-aid kit projects.
  2. Several food support projects and projects for SOP requirements during 2020 and 2021
  3. Eighty safe drinking water projects for schools, health facilities and communities.
  4. Several more-year medical support projects for children with special needs.
  5. Two Health Centre construction projects.