With profound sadness, Tusaidiane Uganda  announces  the death of two of our major friends and donors from the Netherlands.

  1. Mr. Sibren Geert Hovenkamp, born 1  April 1932 and died on the 3rd September 2020. Mr. Sibren will be remembered for his remarkable contribution towards the Tusaidiane water projects in Uganda.  He has been a committed partner of TUL for four years. We convey our heartfelt sympathies to his family and friends. 
  2. Sister Maria Theodosia. (Cornelia Everdina Visser), member of the Franciscan sisters of the congregation “Alles voor Allen” in Breda, NL. She was born on the 27 January 1927 and died on the 15 September 2020. She worked at Rubya hospital in Tanzania from 1964 to 2002 as a nurse “…providing care and transferring knowledge and skills to the people of Africa…” Being a member of the sisters of Breda, Sr. Theodosia will be remembered for her tireless and remarkable efforts towards Rubya hospital (a partner of Tusaidiane) and for her contribution towards the Rubya Hospital Solar project in Tanzania. Our condolences go to the Congregation of “Alles voor Allen” in Breda. May her soul rest in eternal peace. 

Farewell thee our dear friends…till we meet again!


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