Fundraising by the Registered Trustees of the Tusaidiane Trust

A Corporate Body aiming at  Donor fundraising for charity purposes on behalf of Tusaidiane Beneficiaries


  1. Acquire funds for schools and small-scale local initiatives for the design, organisation, and implementation of projects, aiming at improving education, health care, access to safe and clean drinking water, income generation and more in general any project improving the living conditions of local communities and people in need.
  2. Supervise on behalf of the donors the implementation of projects and the proper reporting and accountability by Beneficiaries.
  3. Be Custodian of property and land.

Strategies to achieve the objectives

  1. Act on request as the trustee of Donor organisations.
  2. Assess project applications on request of Donors and advise on project funding and project implementation.
  3. Submit Requests for Funding to Donors for Beneficiary projects with project plan and budget.
  4. Receive funds for approved donor projects on the bank account of the Tusaidiane Trust.
  5. Advice Donors on the implementation of approved projects and conclude on request agreements with implementing organisations.
  6. Where the Donor does not have a preference and the client is not capable to implement, promote Tusaidiane Uganda Limited as preferred implementer with proven quality for approved Donor projects.
  7. Channel the funds to the implementing organisation in a controlled way in view of accountability and quality of implementation.
  8. Supervise implementers in the quality of implementations and in reporting and financial accountability to donors.


Operational Contact
Rachel Tushabe, +256 (0) 758522489
Phiona Nalweyiso, +256 (0) 706917246