Donor partners

Not for Profit Organizations

This Group of Benefactors from the Netherlands and Germany is crucial for the funding of projects of Tusaidiane in Uganda.

  • St. Francis-Rakai-Initiative Marburg e.V. (SFRIM)

SFRIM supports financially the development of St. Francis Little Birds, a Nursery & Primary school for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), coming from highly impoverished situations in Mannya, Rakai District in Uganda. The aim is quality education leading to a professional career.

  • Stichting Mirembe

The Mirembe Foundation supports medical, educational, and social projects in Uganda.

  • Stichting De Wilde Ganzen

Wilde Ganzen Foundation is a Dutch NGO, founded in 1957 with a mission to reduce poverty and inequality through community-led initiatives;communities should have control over their own development. This strategy is shared with Tusaidiane in Uganda and with the Mirembe foundation. Therefore, Wild Geese several times funded one-third to shared projects of Mirembe and Tusaidiane.

  • Stichting Melania

The Melania Development Foundation is a Dutch women’s organization to foster solidarity between women’s groups in the Netherlands and grassroots women’s groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Stichting “Mama & Me Uganda” in Nederland

A Foundation in the Netherlands solely supporting Mama and Me Association in Jinja-Uganda

  • Fundatie “Alles voor Allen” (FAvA), the former CONGRAVA / The Congregation of Franciscan Sisters in Breda

The Fundatie “Alles voor Allen” is working through their trustee in Uganda, the Registered Trustees of the Tusaidiane Trust (see below).

  • The Registered Trustees of the Tusaidiane Trust

A Corporate Body aiming at donor fundraising for charity purposes on behalf of Tusaidiane and other Beneficiaries. The Tusaidiane Trust is aiming at service delivery to donors in view of project evaluation, planning and financing.

  • Stichting Tusaidiane

Until the 31st of December 2019, Stichting Tusaidiane (Tusaidiane Foundation) in the Netherlands financially supported small scale community-based projects in Africa.

Funds were raised by schools, service clubs and private people in the Netherlands. After liquidation the work of the Foundation was taken over by the Mirembe Foundation in the Netherlands and the Tusaidiane Trust in Uganda.

Private People

The loyalty of many private persons has highly contributed to the interventions of Tusaidiane in Uganda since 2000. Tusaidiane in Uganda feels responsible for their private sponsors also when their money is sent through partner organizations like SFRIM, Mirembe or CONGRAVA. Moreover, it has been Tusaidiane’s strategy from the start to connect private sponsors – who likes to do so – with Beneficiaries on the ground to better understand each other’s reality.

Service clubs

Rotary, Lions, and Lodges Clubs have contributed over the years to the projects of Tusaidiane. A Rotary club in the Netherlands has been the initiator of the use of water purifiers. Rotary clubs have financed several rainwater harvesting and water purification projects. Tusaidiane in Uganda aimed to promote partnerships between Rotary Clubs in Uganda and in the Netherlands.


Many corporations have a social responsibility program. Tusaidiane in Uganda is soliciting for financial support from corporations , both in Uganda and abroad.