Donor partners

Ugandan Organizations, supported by Tusaidiane over a range of years  in different programs (Education, Water, Health, Solar, and Income generation)

SEECHILD  is an organisation in Uganda dealing with children with disabilities of various forms categorized as mental and physical  by creating a happy and sustainable life for these children and their families. SEECHILD is a partner of TUL since 2017.

Kamuli Childcare is a community Primary and Nursery school, owned by the community-based organization KACHICA in Kamuli village near the Tanzanian border in the South of Uganda in Rakai District near the border post Mutukula.

SFLBNP is a Nursery and Primary School started as an initiative in Mannya, Rakai to care for orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in their foster families.

Stitching Tusaidiane

Formerly the main partner and sponsor of Tusaidiane Uganda, the Tusaidiane Foundation was a private initiative in the Netherlands that founded Tusaidiane Uganda and also financially supported small scale community based projects in Africa. Funds were raised by schools, service clubs and private people in the Netherlands. In January 2020, Tusaidiane Foundation, NL was liquidated and ceased to exist. The work of the Foundation was taken over by the Mirembe Foundation in the Netherlands and the Tusaidiane Trust in Uganda

Mama and Me Association is an organization working with the objective of empowering young mothers and their children (of 0-5 years) in Jinja, Uganda

Other partners