Goals and finances

The objectives of Tusaidiane Uganda

  1. Support schools and small-scale local initiatives in the design, organization and implementation of projects, aiming at improving education, access to safe and clean drinking water, income generation and more in general any project improving the living conditions of local communities.
  2. Supervise on behalf of the donors the implementation of projects and to guarantee proper reporting and accountability by the beneficiaries. 

Strategies to achieve the objectives

  1. Advisory Services, Assessments and being the Trustee for Benefactors.

    • in the planning of activities of schools and local initiatives;
    • in the proper organization of the local initiative;
    • in the making of proper project plans with a corresponding budget;
    • in drawing up a project proposal with request for funding
  2. Submit such proposals and request for funding to potential donors in Uganda and abroad.
  3. Receive funds for approved projects on the company’s bank account and channel the funds to beneficiaries, either through money transfers or through procuring project requirements.
  4. Provide technical support and supervise the implementation of the local projects.
  5. Conclude agreements with partner organizations for technical support in implementation of projects.
  6. Supervise and assist the beneficiaries in reporting and financial accountability to donors.

TUL Strategy 2020; 20200115 TUL Strategy 2020


Through the water projects Tusaidiane Uganda  has acquired substantial knowledge and experience in organization and planning, in rainwater harvesting and water purification and in solar energy and construction.

In recent years, the fields of expertise have been extended with accountancy, services in financial literacy and in set-up and organization of microcredit funds.

Annual Review and Action Plan
Yearly in January the Action Plan with projects and budgets is published on the website. Fundraising campaigns are started. At least twice a year progress concerning funding and implementation is published. Usually this is done more regularly through NEWS-updates.

Full accountability for all income and expenses is given on the website on a yearly basis. Tusaidiane Uganda is reporting to the Uganda Tax Authorities on an annual basis. The Financial Year for Tusaidiane Uganda runs from 1st of July to 30th of June.