With the intervention of Tusaidiane Uganda and the headteacher of St. Francis Little birds Nursery and Primary School, the  development partners of St.Francis in Marburg Germany offered funds to aid the relief efforts including food and salaries for teachers.

The objective under this initiative was to prevent starvation, malnutrition, improve hygiene at family level as well as uplift the economic well-being of teachers.

On 18th of April Tusaidiane undertook the initiative to procure relief items (soap, cooking oil, beans, and maize flour). A staff member of the TUL drove and delivered the items to the taskforce in Mannya community. 

As part of the distribution exercise,the task force took time to sensitize the people on how to stay safe through guidelines given by the WHO; social distancing, frequent washing of hands and as a precautionary measure, contact the relevant health workers as soon as they suspect any case of COVID 19. The families that received support constitute of 8 to 10 members.

“I did not know how i was going to feed my family for the next few days and therefore I’m extremely grateful for your support,” said Miss Betty Nabakooza, a parent of Namuli Sylivia who explained that as a farmer, she had already sold her produce pre-Covid and therefore had no source of income during the lock-down.

The plight of many other families that received the relief items was no different, they could not implement some of the WHO guidelines simply because they lacked basic amenities like soap. In a nutshell, the relief items went a long way in ensuring that lives were saved through the generous contributions of our development partners.

Sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to the  partners of St. Francis Little Birds i.e. St Francis Rakai Initiative Marburg, Tusaidiane Uganda and Stichting Mirembe for all the support rendered to the people of Mannya community.